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Not all projects are the same! We do realize that for every project to be viable to you, you need different solutions. We have done exactly that and we offer our services with three different approaches to help you meet your goal. We can help you choose the right plan to maximize your savings and provide you with the best quality

Reach your Goal

3 plans to choose from


We charge an hourly fee for all your projects. Here, there is a flexibility of being billed for the actual number of hours worked on your project. This is ideally suited for projects with flexible needs.


We provide you a budget and time frame after reviewing your project details. Once you sign on, we will start on the project implementation phase. This approach is preferable for projects where the timeline and budget are fixed.


In our per seat plan, we dedicate as many team members as you may require, working exclusively for your company 8 hrs a day, 6 days a week.

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